Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rohan Online Guide - Dark Elf Class Guide - Wizard Build

Dark Elf Wizard Class Build (Pure Group PvE/Pure Group PvP)

The Dark Elf Wizard is group pve and group pvp powerhouse. They have the ability to mow down mobs and deal massive damage with a large assortment of AoE’s. It is best to go with intelligence build until level 50 before switching to the wizard type build.

Stat Build: This build contains a few HP but most of it goes into Psyche to maximize the AoE’s associated with psyche. There also are some points added to intelligence so that you can get a little more magic attack damage when the psyche boosts are applied.

PvE: The wizard is best used in party grinding in dungeons. You have a ton of aoes and a large mana supply to sustain them. You will cut down mobs quickly and you and your party will level very quickly. Only problem you may run into is will there be enough mobs to kill. Soloing really won’t work too well with a wizard as your main damage dealing spells are aoe and will draw aggro to you. If you are in low spawn areas you can take on 2 or 3 at a time with your AoE spells but thats taking a chance. If you are skilled enough you can drop Eternal Darkness on mobs and put them to sleep so that you can wait for your AoE cooldowns. Magic Multi Arrow does a ton of damage but has high cool down of 25 seconds so you are limited in your 1v1 attacks. You can use your Destroy skill to attack 6 enemies at once with your normal attack for 2 minutes. Its nice to have a unlimited AoE attack.

PvP: Wizards are not ideal for 1v1 PvP as they are very limited in 1v1 attack spells. However it can be done if you are a good micro manager. You can use some of your AoE’s in 1v1 pvp but they are pricey. Magic Multi Arrow will be your main weapon for defeating enemies. A good combination of Broken Bag, Cold Wave, Strike Bash, and Wide Pollution can do a good job dealing constant damage and limiting your opponents mobility. You are best suited for group pvp and will have alot of fun doing it. With all your damage dealing AoE’s and AoE stuns will frusterate groups of enemies while crippling their mobility allowing other damage dealers help strike them down.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades: (Dark Elf Mage Tree)

1. Cold Wave-Level 3: Paralyzes the target for 4 seconds.
2. Dark Message-Level 5: Boosts HP and MP by 1800% of the user’s level. Lasts 30 mins.
3. Cure Silence-Level 1: Cure Silence (Disable Skill) effect. You can use this skill even when you are under the silence effect.
4. Dark Eyes-Level 1: Can detect vanish effect within 30m radius. 15% boost in magic attack. Same effect granted to party members.
5. Broken Barrier-Level 1: Destroys your opponent’s Magic Barrier and/or Mana Guard.
6. Magic Boost-Level 5: Critical hit rate increased by 6%. Lasts 30 mins.
7. Mana Coil-Level 1: 30% boost in damage given. 50% of given damage absorbed as MP.
8. Strong Mind-Level 5: 140% boost in Intelligence and 200% in Psyche is applied to the damage boost for critical hits. Lasts 30 mins.
9. Broken Bag-Level 5: Maximum weight your target can carry drops by 40%. Magical resistance drops 50%. Lasts 30 seconds.
10. Wide Encourage-Level 1: Attacks all targets within a 10m radius. 150% Intelligence boost applied to damage.
11. Magice Reflection-Level 1: Receive only 40% of magic damage, and reflect 30% to the attacker. Lasts 20 seconds.
12. Wide Pollution-Level 5: Attacks all targets within a 10m radius. 1000% psyche boost applied to magical damage. Lasts 15 seconds.
13. Portal Warp-Level 1: Warp using the portal stone. Regular portal stone can be used to move all party members that are within 7m.

The recommended spell upgrades: (Dark Elf Wizard Tree)

1. Staff Mastery-Level 5: 15% boost in Staff Damage 15% boost to Staff Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
2. Add Temper-Level 5: Attack Skill Damage boost by 300. 300 pts added to your Attacks skill damage. Lasts 5 mins.
3. Mentality Shield-Level 5: Shield from Damage 32% of your Psyche shields the damage you receive. Lasts 16 mins.
4. Foresome Shield-Level 1: Protects you from Stun / Root spells for 30 secs. You can use this skill during Stun / Root mode.
5. Revealing-Level 1: Vanish disabled Your opponent’s Vanish mode is disabled for 2 mins.
6. Count Blow-Level 5: Target + 8 behind the target will receive 400% PSY Magical Damage. 15M radius.
7. Magical Piercing-Level 5: Boost in Attack Skill Damage 400% of your Kill Count is applied to your Attacks Skill Damage. Lasts 30 mins.
8. Weakness-Level 5: 20% drop in Maximum HP & MP 20% decrease to your opponent’s maximum HP & MP. Lasts 50 secs.
9. Multi Magic Arrow-Level 5: 50% of your Psyche is applied as Damage to your opponent. 6 attacks.
10. Group Mortal Immune-Level 1: You and your party members are immune to Critical Damage. Lasts 60 secs.
11. Area Dispel-Level 1: Randomly deletes 1 of the buffs that 4 of your opponents possess within a selected area.
12. Ring Burst-Level 5: 190% of your Psyche is applied to increasing the damage you deal to 8 opponents within 10M radius.
13. Mirror Strike-Level 5: 1 time stun to the attacker One time 5 sec Stun to the attacker. Duration 40 secs.
14. Strike Bash-Level 5: 140% of your Psyche is applied to your Damage. Stuns 8 opponents for 5 seconds that are within a 10M radius.
15. Killing Time-Level 1: 2 Cooldown times eliminated Cooldown time eliminated when using regular skills. Lasts 30 secs.
16. Eternal Darkness-Level 1: Makes 4 of your opponents within a 10M radius sleep for 10 secs. Wake up upon receiving damage.
17. Erase Ability-Level 2: Resets the 1st or 2nd set of your skills. (Including the Skill upgrade stone)
18. Destroy-Level 5: Broaden regular attack range Widens the range of your regular attack for 2 mins. Hits 6 opponents. 18% boost in damage.



  1. if i were to become a dark elf (wizard) what would my stat build be when ever i lvl? 3 psy and 1 vat?

  2. I got a question. I want to know What should we put the point when the begining? 3 psy and 1 Int ?

  3. u shood put 3 int 1 psy till lvl 30, or until u have maxed ur int according to thr build. after that u shood go 3 psy 1 vit or 3 vit 1 psy until vit is maxed and then just pump psy the rest of the way

  4. tama ganyan nga...(n.n)

  5. i prefer guys everyone to here not to follow the guilde posted here... check this out! this is the correct build...

    i already tested this guide i posted above... and i can say its very cool and godly more than the one posted here...

  6. no, if u are to make a good Wiz, u should put 3psy 1 vit, if u have plans to reset stat. this is what i did, i made my INT to 70 when i was lowbies, then from them keep building ur 3psy 1 vit. int wiz is only good to lvling, but heres the case. When you become a higher lvl Wizard. Int dont do shit to you. so then, you will be forced to reset stat. when i was building my Wizard, i didnt follow the skill distribution here, because i notice that this build is only good and works well if you are "always" in a party lvling your char. but then again, if you're a solo grinding person. i suggest make to maxed out your Offence magic type skills but "you must" reset ur skill later.

  7. Mana Coil is not worth of a SP, same as Broken Barrier and Broken Bag if ur not goin PVP in low lvl, take it when your High lvl to do TB and PVP. Widen Pollution is good too if u can get it to lvl 6 from SES

  8. Predator STR type can easily Kill wizzard
    Because Crit immune is for mobs available only...!!!!
    If the Predator dhan are clo0se to Wizzard , Predator can 3 hits or 2 hits the wizzard/ Heart trap and scare crow and using the skill that -1500 p def to the enemy .!!!

  9. dhans are gay, yes... but that's one on one pvp. a wizard isn't a one on one class. its meant to play more of a support role with aoe stun, debuff, sleep and poison. and a dhan will get debuffed to nothing while you set all that up so... =P

    and this is a bad build. I know because i tried it. you do much less damage than you should, and pvp is impossible cuz you have nothing worth attacking with. a priest almost beat me using this build when we were both 5x. its pathetic. someone posted a link up there that is indeed a lot better than this one.

  10. ummm im not sure if this actually works because u did not max debuff skills when a mage's best skill is to debuff. That's your strongest point making enemies as useless as possible. Furthermore,why did u not maxed your magic reflection? it's a grinding skill useeful in r5 cause there are so many maagic mobs there? and you've forgotten re-raise cuz thats good when you're in a party saves a bit of your exp if u die.

  11. I love that people underestimate the purpose of magic reflection. I can tank a 99 full vit dekan for about the whole 40 secs that lvl 5 magic reflection lasts, pureply because they're mainly doing damage to themself with forefoot swing. srsly, taking only 1k damage from a lvl 99 full vit dekan is alot better than taking 5k+. and im lvl 67, so i can tell you first hand that for dekans alone you need reflection...

  12. Wew.. LOL..
    it's very dickless//

    Broken bag ?? for what ha ???
    ck ck ck... health coil = 0 ?? what, (it's need)

    this my guide,
    chek this out.


  14. this build is the definition of fail.


  16. thats a laughable build youve got there :DDD

  17. OMG!!! dont use this build is no good is like you are a pet in rohan lol .....guys try to make your own build , when you make a build look at what skills the char have then put your status points how you like to play but make sure they are assimilated with skills. Enjoy Rohan ^^