Monday, June 16, 2008

Rohan Online Guide - Half Elf Class Guide - Ranger Build

Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP/PvE)

The half elf ranger build in my opinion is the king of solo. This build is designed to bombard enemies from an insane attack range. The Ranger has a decent critical rate and some great rooting spells.

Stat Build: Your leveling points should be distributed as 1VIT - 3 DEX or This ranger build has no psyche so you are gonna rely on pots for your mana so you must be careful not to deplete it too soon.. You will have some decent HP with 130 points of VIT just in case someone might be lucky enough to get close to you.
This build has a large distribution of DEX to boost your ranged attack quite a bit. You will have great damage and a long range to do it in.

PvE: The easiest class to solo with by far and one of the fasted classes to level also. Most mobs won’t even get close enough to you to do any damage since you have long attack range and have the ability to slow your target mobility speed. Only ranged mobs will have that chance to get a few shots off before they hit the ground bleeding. You only really need to cast one skill per mob before they die since you will be doing some nasty normal ranged attack damage. You will also have an easy time when in a high level mob grind party. You don’t really have to move around much just let tankers tank and do a little pulling here and there.

PvP: The ranger class i one of the few classes that do well agains ranged and melee based classes in PvP. You take down magic type classes pretty easily and melee classes can be stunned and slowed down to a crawl before they can get to you. You can do some powerful critical damage at a long range using Critical Shot. The ranger has some great PvP skill at their disposal including Luxury Shot and Premium Shot leaving enemies with missed parts of their HP bar lol. A nice spell to initiate your PvP sequence is Speed Wind which boosts your attack speed to an insane rate that lasts 10 seconds. When a melee class finally does get to you, hit them with Brandish Kick which has a 70% chance to stun target for 9 seconds. You can kite away from enemies easily since you have increased mobility skills.

Conclusion: This ranger build is balanced and you will have extended use of your skills and will be able to solo and pvp well. You don’t have a whole lot of mana so be careful. Remember that range is your advantage, don’t let melee get to close or they will rip you up.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades: (Half Elf Archer Tree)

1. Darkness-Level 5: Increase dark dmg 100%, res50% 8% chance decrease target’s 30% atk spd for 7 sec.
2. Psychic Pierce-Level 1: 160% of normal dmg.
3. Long Shot-Level 5: Increase 50% of attacking range for 9 min.
4. Enchanted Arrow-Level 5: Increase arrow damage by 30 for 30 min.
5. Fainting Pierce-Level 1: 35% chance decrease target movement speed by 50% for 2 sec, last 18 min.
6. Nimble-Level 1: Increase agi by 10%, lasts 18 min.
7. Fatal-Level 5: Critical dmg increases by dex * 3.0, last 15 min.
8. Piercing Root-Level 5: Normal attacks 140%, 60% chance hold the target in place for 5 second.
9. Double Strike-Level 5: Increase 100% of normal dmg, attack target twice.

The recommended spell upgrades: (Half Elf RangerTree)

1. Crossbow Mastery-Level 5: Increase X-bow’s atk by 25%, last 30 min.
2. Open Eyes-Level 1: Instantly removes root status.
3. Trick-Level 1: Wouldn’t get attack by npc guard during gvg and during red-name period, last 5 min.
4. Detect-Level 1: Detect hidden target within the range of 10m, last 30 sec.
5. Dissapear-Level 1: 50% chance become hidden, last 30min. moving, atking or using item will expose.
6. Siege Shot-Level 5: Unable to move for 10 sec, mean while atk + 90%.
7. Murder Shot-Level 5: Increase atk dmg by murder count * 90.
8. Speed Wind-Level 5: Increase atk spd by 160%, last 10 sec.
9. Kael’s Arrow-Level 1: Create 100 bolts with dmg of 100.
10. Alacrity Blow-Level 5: Increase dex by 15%, last 30 min.
11. Strip Shot-evel 5: Ignore defense, increase dmg by 70%.
12. Rank Shot-Level 5: Total damage = weapon’s rank * 90.
13. Critical Shot-Level 5: When hit the target, 90% chance occur critical hit.
14. Premium Shot-Level 5: Increases weapon’s atk by 280%.
15. Magic Guard-Level 5: Do not affect by magics for 50 seconds.
16. Luxury Shot-Level 5: Increases weapon’s atk by 280%.
17. Winged Foot-Level 5: 18 mp per sec, party member increase movement spd by 100%.



  1. Why put 5 points in Enchanted Arrow, Rangers use Crossbows and Crossbows use bolts not arrows thats 5 points wasted. You should only use Enchanted Arrow only if your going to be Scout

  2. Is this stat build usuable for Scout?

  3. yea, thats right , darn , i used my points on that, and how to use Brandish Kick if u dont got points on it?

  4. dont you think its better with freeze attack damage than darkness one ?

  5. freeze are for rangers, darkness are for scouts. But both are good in their own ways, with ice you can slow your enemies and keep them from reaching you, however remember that melee classes aren't all that exist in the game so ice wont serve you so well against ranged foes in that case I think darkness is a better option cause it slows down the enemies attack speed and ranged foes like magic types (elf, dark elf) aren't exactly fast attacking so with darkness you slow them down even more that includes fellow rangers(crossbow has a slow attack speed)

  6. why we don't AGI attribute?? I think we need some evasion right?

  7. pleas improve the cooling down of the pots

  8. pleas make the leveling more faster..

  9. 1agi 1vit 2dex all in all and dey can tell dat ur owning

  10. JUNG ROHAN SILVA PHApril 11, 2009 at 2:43 AM

    i think a good stat for u guys, rangers. would be PURE DEX.. what will u do with VIT.. if ur thinking that ur MELEE ENEMY reached u.. do u think u can still LOSE THEM?? IDONT think so.. melee ENEMIES have stun so wats da use of VIT .. why dont use PURE DEx with pure DMG... so u can kill ur enemy without reaching u.. i suggest PURE DEx would be better for RANGERS..


  11. whats the use of the PURE DEX when they reached you,You just easily die bcuz of low HP

  12. is this STATS and SKILLS are really good enough to copy this in my STATS too? cuz im planning to of pure RANGER..and BTW what class is better the PURE RANGER or THE SCOUTS??..

  13. enchanted arrow are also applicable on bolts so u can use it.. duhr.. try using that skill again

  14. Premium Shot useless.. Rank Shot useless.. Enchanted Arrows pretty much useless.. Pure dex for pvp.. It's good with vit since rangers are best for luring and when your luring you will get hit.

  15. Mga gago!!! Vovo Build mo..!!!

  16. Enchanted Arrow skill works as well with bolts... it just adds to the base damage. And Darkness won't help you against mages since they won't damage you with their normal attacks neither will it help you against defenders cause they use Darkness too. And Frozen helps against anything but Frozen users. Piercing4? T^T Ka'el's Arrow1??? Premium5??? the skill doesn't work with Ancient xbows... at 99 you'll definately will be trying to enchant. And Fainting Pierce and Brandish Kick can be very useful on PvP. In a nuts shell: this build is a fail. The most important thing for a ranger is not to let they enemies come closer than 30 meters. That's why you have Piercing and Fainting. If the a good melee char gets to stun you... hmm means he's just better than you. Kill it before it reaches you... OR run and then try again. If he makes a misstake and you kill him... you're better. If you make a misstake and he kills you- guess what? He wins

  17. the best build of the year for ranger
    1 vit, 1 str, 1 int,1 agi for 1-25 lvl.
    for 25-45 lvl. for stats build
    pure dex.
    for 45-65lvl.
    pure vit.
    1 int, 1 agi, 2 dex, 1 vit...try this in international server.... is the killer build up for stats..

  18. ei can i know if the skill called "bleeding" is usefull in pvp or pve?

    plz answer this comment!!! anyone who read this comment!!!! plz answer i need to know plzzz!!!

  19. I'm confused... >.<
    I need a solid statement on the build and stats for the backbone of my lv 0 HE

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  21. Never allow anyone get close to you. I think ranger should increase their evasion status than increase their hp

  22. i think look bad skill