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Rohan Online Guide - Human Class Guide - Defender Build

Human Defender Class Build (Tank/PvE/Group PvP)

The best tanking class in Rohan Online is most likely going to be the Human Defender. They have a large assortment of defensive buffs and HP. They are very effective in group pvp with the use of their AoE stun (Extinction). But because of the high casting requirements you must make good use of your mana pool and wait for pot cool downs.

Stat build: This build has low strenght compared to other melee types of classes because the points are a higher priority elsewhere. A decent portion of Pyche have been distributed so that you are able to use more spells with the larger mana pool without worrying about being up against that mana cool down. Most of the points are in VIT so that you have some added defense and plenty of hit points to withstand some beating.

PvE: Soloing is pretty easy for a defender as they can take alot of hits and stun mobs. However they lack true firepower to kill them quickly compared to other builds and classes. Defender is intended to shine brightly in party grinding or boss hunting. They have great party buffs and a Healer at their disposal they are very tough to kill. They are one of the top choices for boss hunting parties and high level mob grinding and can make a huge difference in survivability when the party is being mobbed bad. They can use the AoE stun and give the party a breather.

PvP: This build will have a harder time providing the basic fire power to dispatch opponents but they will have a tough time killing you too. With high defense and HP stats you have be tactical in 1v1 pvp. A good trick is to wait till your enemies health bar get a little below half way (if they let it get that far) and then start spamming your stuns on them so they can’t pot. They excel in group PvP though, with great party buffs and AoE stun can leave enemies sitting ducks so that damage dealers can quickly slaughter them.

Conclusion: try to stay in parties as much as you can through party matching so that you don’t have to solo as it isn’t as effective. You won’t have much trouble with that as most parties love tanks and will need you. Your mana pool is something to worry about so you are gonna be going through a ton of pots so that you can keep using those powerful skills.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

Rohan Human Defender Stats

The recommended spell upgrades: (Human Knight Tree)

1. Divine-Level 5: Increases Light Attribute Attack by 100% and Light Attribute Defense by 50%. 8% chance of absorbing 10% of the damage dealt as MP.
2. Taunt-Level 1: Forces the target monster to attack the player. Can only be used while in a Party.
3. Rising Might-Level 5: Increases the Target’s Strength by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Protection-Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target’s Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.
5. Psychic Crash-Level 1: Deals 60% additional damage to the target.
6. Sharpen Blade-Level 5: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 minutes.
7. Blessed Shield-Level 5: The Shield’s Block Rate is increased by 6% for 30 minutes.
8. Crash Above-Level 5: For 30 minutes, Psychic Crash has a 25% chance of stunning the enemy for 3 seconds.
9. Invoke-Level 1: Increases the user’s Critical Damage by 235% of the user’s Dexterity for 18 minutes. Dexterity is increased by 20%.
10. Charge-Level 5: Hits the target with your Shield to deal 100% additional damage, and stuns them for 6 seconds.
11. Shield Push-Level 1: Hits the target with your Shield to deal 130% additional damage, and pushes them back 2 meters.
12. Bleeding-Level 5: Deals 80% of the player’s Physical Attack to the target as damage over time every 3 seconds 9 times.
13. Assault Crash-Level 5: Increases offensive ability by 100%, 90% of that is dealt to the target and 80% is dealt to the surrounding enemies within 6 meters.

The recommended spell upgrades: (Human Defender Tree)

Human Defender Class Build

1. Blunt Mastery-Level 3: 9% boost to your One handed mace damage. 9% boost to your One handed mace damage. Lasts 24 mins.
2. Blue Suction-Level 3: 200% of the damage applied drains your opponent’s Mana.
3. Shield Mastery-Level 5: 60% boost to your target’s Shield’s defense. Lasts 30 mins.
4. Taunt Roar-Level 1: Nearby monsters will attack you for 10 secs. Use only during Party play.
5. Eternal Stamina-Level 1: 10% boost to Health. Lasts 18 mins.

6. Shout-Level 1: All opponents within a 15M range will experience a 10% drop in their Physical Defense. Lasts 30 secs.
7. Recovery Aura-Level 3: 9% boost to your party member’s Mana Recovery.
8. Shield Burden-Level 5: Your target will receive dmg with 300% STR added to its power +50% drop in mobility for 30 secs.
9. Fixation-Level 1: Adds a 100% boost to your Melee attack force, but you are unable to move for 10 secs.
10. Physical Aura-Level 3: 9% boost to you and your party member’s HP Recovery.
11. Rush-Level 5: You will charge against an opponent that’s 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.
12. Defender Nature-Level 1: You absorb 200% of the damage inflicted on a chosen party member. Lasts 30 secs.
13. Metal Protection-Level 3: 9% boost to you and all your party member’s Physical Defense.
14. Extinction-Level 5: User will Stun 8 targets within 10M radius for 5 seconds.
15. Rohas Shelter-Level 1: Selected party members will experience a reset from their Aggro, and will become Invincible and Stunned for 10 secs.
16. Morale Expansion-Level 3: 9% boost to you and your party member’s Physical / Ranged / Magical attack force.
17. Whirlwind-Level 5: 180% boost to the damage dealt to your targeted opponent and 8 others around him. They get pushed back 15M.



  1. This is an amazing build i stormed through my first 30 lvls with ease =) thnks

  2. Salve a tutti,vorrei sapere se si possono levare punti alle skill.
    Perchè ho una skill, ke che vorrei loberarmene, perchè nn sento l'effetto durante il combattimento(pvp/pve).

  3. You don't need psyche The mana pool is no problem at all you would rather distrabute the psyche points into strength for a nice boost in attack (Ask anyone in Rohan if you need psyche they would say no some would say a bit but 150.. that is more than your str it is insane)

  4. This is absolutely dredfull build. The best for defender is 1 str/3 vit plus one pkt each every part of our growth (after 50 lvl 2 str/4 vit after 70 lvl 3 str/5 vit) mana and HP recovery 3 pkt ? LOL. Main skills are: blunt mastery, shield mastery, fixation, eternal vitality, empower, rush, shout, extinction, shield burden and of course taunt roar, whirlwind we max up in late game. Rest we may easy get to 1 pkt only when we need to move forward.
    Best skill tree for party, solo grind and TBS.
    Before 50 lvl we raise: darkness, taunt, protection, rising might, sharpen blade, charge and blessing shield and thats enough; rest skill points we save for second profesion.
    Try this and dont be sorry

  5. Let The Player Decide Whats best for his/her character thank you all for the info all your suggestion is a lot of help for newbie players

  6. all of u are noob and weak

    try 4 INT

    its owning :D

  7. +4 psyche it's the best build!!

  8. wtf 4 int ? 4 psy ? its a human not a dark elf

  9. hai... so many comments... im confused if what will i do 2 my defender build ...haist (///-)

  10. wew all of u are noob

    try dis build

    lvl 1 - 10 pure str

    lvl 11 - 20 1str 3 vit

    lvl 21 - 30 1str 1 dex 2 vit

    lvl 31 - 40 1 str 3 vit

    lvl 41 - 50 1str 1 dex 2 vit

    1sword 1dagger build 4 human is for noob u shud make dhan or a dekan class if u want to user 2handed weps ^_^

  11. max agility bwahahaha OWNING LOL

  12. lol.... u are saints hahahahahaha

  13. try this HYBRID STATS..... its tooo ownING lol

  14. asa weak
    try quit playing rohan

  15. LOL!!!! STUPID BUILD!!!!!!!

  16. mother fucker no build try pure
    int to killl u fast@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  17. Mother fuck that player is such a loser try putting 50 dex? i mean wtf are you thinking...

  18. This has to be the worste guide to ever follow EVER for a defenders skill and stat build like...seriously WOW. Go to rohan international forums and look in the human section if you want a real guide, this guide here is like someone telling you to go full int dhan its horrid, trust me.

  19. 230str, 230vit and around 150dex is alot better.. most humans forget that their best asset is weilding two weapons.. meaning 2 weapon option items at once. give that to a guardian.. sure more offense for him. but give that to a defender, hmmmmm i cant stop thinking of all the possibilities... :)

  20. stupid, defender expert in using shield, not dual wielding. you're so idiot and stupid, you know ???

  21. dex3 vit1 increase invoke to lv5
    you get most powerfull crit

  22. WTF is THIS??!?

  23. all of u are idiots... u guys supposed to helped or guide the newbies in rohan, fuking bastards what watse of time..,

  24. have fun str defender is a beast this build is a fail! dont ever use it

  25. lol, someone actually posted a guide to fast fail... how's about that...?

    i swear some of you have never played rohan at all... cuz seriously, why would you NOT max empower? =\

    do me a favor and uninstall buddy

  26. Yeah This Hybrid build is slightly OK

    Pure STR Do killing skills +shout on face of his Prey
    and better fixation user

    pure vit is just a tank not killer

    he may use pure Reflector Build

    set=reflect dmg (enchanted set)

    wepons must have dmg reflecations

    but the 2 build have their own weakness

    Hybrid Deffender is better tanker and killer

    But the problem is ethernal vitality is lvl1?

    Ethernal vitality must be lvl 5 or better 7

    recov and physical aura are useless dont touch this fuck skills

    it is better to choose 1 of ward or empower

    remember recov,physical,ward and empower does not stack!

    so choose 1 of them i suggest ward or empower only you must choose and max it as you can the other 2 is useless

    Shield and Mace mastery must lvl 5 or better 7

    fixation at lvl1 is slightly ok but it can better lvl 3(for those who dont have SES )

    Mace options must +attack speed to use more efficiency your fixation

    if u are rich then buy SES and ASES and max fixation and shout and Rush for your free time to Kill your victims

    i will sure you int , psy ,dex , based chars is too easy to kill

    vit, str, agi slightly Hard

  27. Correction about my post!

    lvl 7 fixation 7 shout 7 empower is for Str Based Deffenders

    lvl 7 ward is for vit based Deffenders

    lvl 7 ethernal vitality is always must have even you are str. especially if you are vit

    But for me

    Better Str based user

    lvl 2-50 3str 1vit

    lvl 51 so on 4str 2vit

    that was a better 1

    dual weilder have weakness

    not all dagger option can use

    ex. sword+dagger dagger options will divided by 3

    1/3 will work

    ex dagger opt 90str 15melee

    if you use sword in other hand your dagger options that will work is

    30 str and 5% melee

    Know to use and sense your character status dont just look on options

    i hope i Help some begginers here

    CyRh3L Akhma Silva Server Rohan Philippines

  28. For deffenderyou must have psy for mana use

    i suggest to get

    accessory +psy(if you really follow my build in my second comment)

    or get 1 psy for each 5 lvl

    2nd enchanted set

    must use marea option items

    +mana is the best

    so now you can easily use fixation shout and other skills without worry about your mana

    lvl 7 skill are too expensive in mana

    so you really need mana

    Mace opt must +str or even vit

    or +str and psy / or +str and vit

    always calculate your mana usage and stun time

    if you are in a middle of PVP

    thats what the best you can Do!

    Deffender must have high

    Phys Deff even Magic deff Melee atk

    HP and Mana always focus on that skills

    dex is not so much need in deffender

    but you can add some for accuracy Hope i Help you Guys


  29. max the agility so you run faster wahahaha

  30. I use my fishing rod to kill mobs. :D

  31. I thick the best build for Knight stat level 1-50 3str 1vit, and for defender stat build level 50-90 4str 1vit 1dex you need only 50dex to add in your 99Accuracy and your not missed when your attacking, NOTE:dont put some dex above 50 because it affect's your str boost.
    1-dex affect ur str boost -1%

    EMPOWER LV 3?!

  33. What the hell? this guide is a piece of shit LOL if you use this you will fail

  34. try the pure pysche..its nc and owning..

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