Friday, June 13, 2008

Rohan Online Guide - Human Class Guide - Guardian Build

Human Guardian Class Build (Stunner/PvE/PvP)

The walking stunner! or Human Guardian lol. This class is fun to play and has alot of options. This is a powerful build for the human guardian which will leave mobs powerless and frustrate your enemies. When playing in PvE give each mob a stun and it will make short work of them and you won’t receive only light scratches. Some of your early stun spells include Psychic Crash and Charge. A later spell, Rush can paralyze your enemies for 6 seconds. This also great for boss hunting as you can feed them a steady dose of stuns. This is not as effective on larger bosses though. Soloing is pretty easy with this build but high mob leveling party grinding is great since you can tank and stun before the mobs can get to the damage dealers. You have plenty of firepower to dish out some devilish damage. Guardians have alot of buffs that improve your already high strength and boosts your melee damage too. This build has high health so that you can tank multiple mobs. Stone Skin will leave you immune to all physical damage for 30 seconds at level 5 leaving mobs and pvpers at wits end. Order Swing can deal devasting blows as it accumulates a percent of your damage and applies it to the next attack for 30 seconds. In pvp most people won’t want to mess with you. You have access to a DoT called Bleeding and you have the ability to send a constant barage of stuns leaving them helpless. With great offensive power and health you can make short work in PvP. And you had better kill them fast lol. The thing you have to worry about is your mana pool, its so low and you don’t have any real way to replenish it skills wise besides using pots. The only real skill is passive and uses a certain amount of mana per second to use called Divine. 8% chance to absorb 10% of damage dealt to your mana pool. A great skill to use on melee based pvp is Crazy Standing, insane attack speed and powerful boost in damage dealt! You will only be able to do basic critical damage since the stats in this build do not have any DEX which is required for the critical damage boost. Overall this build and this subclass is fun to play with the high/second stuns you can do. Just remember to go easy on your mana supply and don’t deplete it so quickly before your mana pot cools down. If you get down pretty low you can use the Drain Blue spell which at level 5 applies 300% of your damage to your enemies mana!

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades: (Human Knight Tree)

1. Level 5: Increases Light Attribute Attack by 100% and Light Attribute Defense by 50%. 8% chance of absorbing 10% of the damage dealt as MP.
2. Level 1: Forces the target monster to attack the player. Can only be used while in a Party.
3. Level 5: Increases the Target’s Strength by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Level 5: Increases the Physical Defense of the Target’s Armor by 15% for 30 minutes.
5. Level 1: Deals 60% additional damage to the target.
6. Level 5: Increases the Damage of 1-Handed weapons(except Daggers) by 15% for 30 minutes.
7. Level 5: The Shield’s Block Rate is increased by 6% for 30 minutes.
8. Level 5: For 30 minutes, Psychic Crash has a 25% chance of stunning the enemy for 3 seconds.
9. Level 5: Hits the target with your Shield to deal 100% additional damage, and stuns them for 6 seconds.
10. Level 5: Hits the target with your Shield to deal 200% additional damage, and pushes them back 6 meters.
11. Level 5: Deals 80% of the player’s Physical Attack to the target as damage over time every 3 seconds 9 times.
12. Level 5: Increases offensive ability by 100%, 90% of that is dealt to the target and 80% is dealt to the surrounding enemies within 6 meters.

The recommended spell upgrades: (Human Guardian Tree)

1. Level 1: 3% boost in Dagger, One handed sword damage 3% boost to Dagger and One handed sword damage. Lasts 18 mins.
2. Level 5: 15% boost in HP 15% boost to HP. Lasts 30 mins.
3. Level 1: Taunt Nearby monsters will attack you for 10 secs. Use only during Party play.
4. Level 5: Paralyze You will charge against an opponent that’s 20M from you and Paralyze him for 6 secs.
5. Level 1: 5% drop in melee attack 5% drop to your opponent’s Physical attack force, if they are within 15M. Lasts 30 secs.
6. Level 5: 25% boost in Strength25% boost to your target’s Strength. Lasts 30 mins.
7. Level 1: 120% of your Psyche is applied to the damage you deal.
8. Level 5: 122% boost in Attack speed, 25% boost in damage. Immobilized for 10 secs, 122% boost to Attack speed, 25% boost to damage dealt.
9. Level 5: 300% of your damage is applied to your opponent’s Mana.
10. Level 5: 6% Damage Accumulation 6% of your Damage is accumulated for every attack and is applied towards your next attack’s damage. Lasts 30 secs.
11. Level 1: 10% drop in Attack Speed Lowers opponent’s Attack speed by 10%. Lasts 30 secs.
12. Level 4: 4% boost in chance for Critical 4% boost to you and your party member’s chance for a Critical hit.
13. Level 1: Futile Stun / Root spells Makes Stun / Root spells futile for 20 secs.
14. Level 1: 70% boost to the damage you deal, disables your opponent’s defense.
15. Level 5: Futile Physical Damage Physical Damage received is futile for 30 secs.



  1. This is terrible, in the Knight build you have all the shield skills. When you change job to a Guardian you duel wield, meaning all those shield buffs are useless.

  2. thats true u dont need the sheild skills for a guardian...

  3. wtf? seems most of ur guides r completely messed up, if ur guardian ur not supposed to have sheild buffs and with all melee classes ur dex shouldnt be below ur lvl or u will miss all the time, u should have 99 or 100 dex.......geez these builds suck, its like u have no idea wtf u were thinking

  4. Actually, a knight needs 50 dex for all the levels until lvl 99. 50 dex is enuf and the best is you do it before you become gaurdian or defender. i have a lvl 20 knight and he has 42 dex. u start with 30, and i boosted it u till 42. only 8 more and im done.

  5. Btw the good build is 3 str 1 vit. if u have a shield, 3 str 1 vit and the other lvl full str lvl 1 vit lvl not, cuz he already has physical def from the shield.

  6. This build isn't very good imo. You probably won't be able to hit jack in PvP with that low dex, and your skills are way effed up.

  7. what the heck is that agi 26 ill barely use it in dex than in agi am i right?? and i will buy 2 class of weapon 1 sword and 1 two wield

  8. ok obviously this guy sucks so what is a good build and stats for gaurdian

  9. yah yah fo shuw this maggots build sucks!!

  10. all of u are noob right ?

    just imagine
    no DEX knight ??
    u can't hit too much
    especially in DHAN agi type

    WTF this build nonsense weakling
    if u are a guardian
    try lvl 1-50
    2 STR 1 DEX 1 VIT
    lvl 50-70
    3 STR 1 DEX 1 VIT
    4 STR 2 VIT

    i can own all of them /gg

  11. WTF is wrong with you guys its just an effin game and your like taking it so serious, if the guy made his own build and if you dont like it then dotn follow it and shut your goddamn big mouth.. We have our own decisions so stick to yours and mind your own!

  12. actwali this build is right if your a vit tanker type guardian sword type

  13. actwali hes only wrong in his dex that should be 45-50 agi 25 psyche is for mana pool for the buffs since vit types are atack spammers and fast mana hp recov and vit must be 6-4 to strenght becuase simply your a tanker and tanker suposedly must have good weapon ups

  14. wtf.he's guardian and he has all the shield skills??thats terible useless its a mess.i suggest to use your skill points wisely put it to all buffs but not on the shields.

  15. putang ina nyo wala ako naintindihan sa kaka english............ mga bwesesttttttttttttt

  16. hey can som1 tell me where an axe wielder will fall?...

  17. what the hell at filipino speaking anon.. :D

  18. i love when people take the time to write something, that probably took awhile, and all the a$$ clowns is put the guy down, for shame....JK this build is as useless as a dick on the pope!

  19. oo nga pangit ung build na gnito..

  20. A guardian doesn't need a shield. Period. Period. Period.

  21. A sure way to know if you need to add DEX is if you missing a hit already.

  22. HA! HA! HA! some farking idiot filipino just can not read english, lame! go to school F@gg*t!

  23. i vote guardian w/ shield, cuz guardian hav a good skill for damager, so some players want to good defence also so in pvp he cant kill so easyly.....

  24. IMO, the dex shown was the one with no equips... so if u like to boost ur dex, u might wear some dex improving equips.

  25. this guy made a decent guide to what he thinks is a nice human class build. i bet you guys can't even make your own guides huh, i bet you just looked up your builds on some other sites and pretend that you know what you're doing in-game. piece of shits, you guys are full of it. you guys don't have to read it or comment bad stuff about it if you don't like it.

  26. try this build if u are a guardian dual sword
    lvl 1-20 3vit-1str
    lvl 20-30 2vit 2dex
    lvl 30-40 1vit 3dex
    lvl 40-50 3vit-1str

  27. its a good build. It just so happen that it is a strvit type not a dexvit type.
    a dex guardian uses a dagger and a shield while a str guardian uses a sword and dagger.but this build is good. ^^

  28. I pity the fool who cant understand whats written here, lalo ka na...pinoy ka pa man din, kuuha ka ng translator mo kawawa ka nmn. anyhow thats why its called a guide, to help you guys out or give you an idea on what to do when playing the game, actually i have to thank him for having the time on doing something like this, kudos to you man!!!

  29. anu Ba Build Ng str na guardian?
    Ilan dpat str at dex at vit hanggang umabot ng lvl 30??
    pls. help me
    i'm only a beginner in ROHAN T.T
    Tnx ^^

  30. fuck you guyz ... who judge filipino's ...

    and be afraid for wat filipino's can do ..

    so shut up ur mouth ..

  31. is there no skill and stat reset in rohan?

  32. ga atay man d ay mo taka lng mo ug yaw yaw nganha!!!!!!! mga tol!!!! chos ur own pat!!!! basta wag lang nyo ka limotan ang strnt ok!!

  33. Human Guardian Class Build (Stunner/PvE/PvP)
    Guys read again!
    It is a stunner so it needs a shield!


  35. i try this already in PH. but i wont work..



  36. La Kwenta Build mo choy Pang Noob lng yan

  37. lol wala kyong alam!!! Mga HANGAL!!!

  38. This site might help...
    imbecile freaks saying this guide is good for nothing...

  39. for level 1-50
    3 str 1 vit
    for level 50-75
    2 str 2 vit
    for level 75-99
    Full stats for str or Vit.

    dex? lol. 74 accuracy is not that bad (lvl99)
    Stunner build doesn't need dex.

  40. this guide is terribly wrong for guardian classes! and i should say this is for defender guide.. specially u dont nid dex for stunning!

    hays anu ba yan! >.<

  41. very confusing guide! did u really read what really the skill mean? basically u dont nid shield for guardian! and what do u mean stunning? there is a chance for that and dex build is not reccomended for stunning!

  42. mga ogag tlaga! bshin nyo ung skill ng maayos pati ung description ng stats pra malaman nyo ang dli dling intindhin ng laro na yan ang vovo nyo pa mga GAGO!!!!!!!!!

  43. ok ba ang pure dex human??

  44. pde ba mag stock ung sword mastery & sharpen blade na skill?

  45. wag pure dex tol panget hina bwas mo!

    lvl 1-20 2str 2dex

    lvl 21-50 2 str 1 dex 1 vit

    lvl 51-100 2 str 2 vit

    yan mas ok yan na try ko yan sa international at private server na rohan!


  47. what the fuck? what kind of stats is this? how come a guardian have no dex? and the skills is terrible.. oh my godness! what a junk!

  48. guys, plzz stop blamming this guide...
    We should respect the maker...
    if u have different build, post it and tell ur reason why u choose that build..but never say the other is bad...

    Viva Gamers !!

  49. hmmmm... for me i use`s both shield and dagger for pvp for instant stunned players or monster then shift it to dagger i preffer that kind of technique.... (^_^)!!!kindly comment me if i did something wrong

  50. Basically, not bad stats for a stunner(Guardian)... Why you guys keep on asking for the dex? you can have it on your accesories and weapons. (OMG! why noone figure this out?).. now everybody knows why the maker dont put dex on his build. Base on conclusion this is a DualWielder (Stunner) guide.

    Most of you who just made a comment without analyzing are the one who were stupid.

    And to the one who made this guide, kindly review and rearrange your blog/guide.

    To all,
    If you have any questions regarding TYPES of any class, make a thread. I will visit every forum just to answer unanswered questions as long as I have the answers.

    tried and tested types for every class are as follows:

    1. PURE agi DHAN (High CRIT DMG, HIGH Evasion, but with low HP) -
    * No need for high weapon DMG, just look for weapon with AGI boost (vit and dex are ok).
    * 1 accesories with additional on vit and dex.

    2. 3 STR : 1 vit DHAN - Psychic phantom users
    * They need high weapon DMG.( STR, vit and dex boost are ok).

    (if you are a kind of player who wants to have high HP and def, this build or class is not for you).

    I will create a guide regarding all classes soon.

  51. Go full stregnth guardian.. strength gives phsycal defense.. Maybe 100-200 base vit on 99.

  52. mga tae kayo anu ba talaga magandang build sa human me nakalaan ako na human pure dex ang sakit ng crit nya bweset

  53. kya sabihin nyu kung anu magandang build ng human

  54. kuya anonymous...

    ano ba talga mgandang build sa guardian?? pwede paki tell kac gumagwa ako ng bagong char!!

  55. kadiri nman build mo... weaklings... no dex... tatama k b nyan.. ano yn food ng dhan?...

  56. this is the worst build i have ever seen everything is wrong EVERYTHING

  57. macam pantat...

  58. I can't take this anymore! Everybody's confusing me with their different opinions. I'm better off deciding the build for my own. (sigh) so much for guides.

  59. oki nmn ung build s stat. ung skill build ung prang mali... iba skills pra s dex guardian at str guardian...

    --pero dex guardian rule
    .. hehe

  60. youu guys seriously are fucking gay, you complain about this build and i used it minus the shield skills and it worked. So all the people that bash him are fucking gay and i dare you to come test me on akhma server lol im 8x and i can woop ur ass.

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    gay gay gay oh oh oh...

  62. i know the best build onthis class and i wont share it to you noobs!! go buy this build and suck eggs on the game

  63. i don't believe you
    you don't have any evidence
    you're just a gay

  64. hmm...
    my build don't use any shield skills and crash, but I believe shifting between shield and dagger is the best way to survive in any situation.

    I rather save some of skill points to take more GUARDIAN skill later.

    The build here in this site rather uncomplete since he forgot to mention some important info like accesories, bla bla bla, to make up for him build (low dex)

    BTW, Keep up the good work ^^

  65. oh
    so we can save some skill point for guardian skill?
    sorry for being noob

  66. yes, you can
    Just take most neccesary skill on KNIGHT skill tree, ex: I take imbue, skill no. 2, 3, 6 and lvl 1 invoke. When the time you get 50, you will have alot of skill point to get and max GUARDIAN skill you need when the time come (lvl requirement)

  67. why lvl 1 invoke? cause lvl 1 is enough (see the description of the skill, I'm too lazy ^^).
    pvp? what? you gonna do pvp in such a low level?...geez... just stay cool until you get the beast (rush+CS+OS).
    dex? well, it's a little complicated (again, I'm lazy), let's just say this..when you get 60 just get 4 wings, bye2 dex problem ^^.
    Shield and crash? your I said earlier, I save skill point for GUARDIAN skill, but if you thing it's neccesary, take it. Skill no. 9 is nice to have. (Dual wield maybe MANLY, but by using shield, you will SURVIVE better, again...your call)...Did you read this till the end? thanks man... personally I hate reading this kind of wall-o-text (LOL)

  68. Let me remind you, all of the kind readers. Builds will get you far...but not THAT far. Equipments, Experiences, and TEAMWORK are the true keys. (gezz, I shame myself by mentioning the obvious, but I have to do this since there are so many flame ^^").
    Just play with your own pace, and personality.
    Good luck.

  69. ok na ung sa 1-30 3str 1 vit tapos habulim mu ung dex hangang maging 50 pag nahabolo muna 2 str 1 dex 1 vit tapos wag ka mag shieshield mag dagger ka tas i5 mu ung skill na index

  70. anu b tlaga stats ng human n guardian?

  71. just wanna add some info for dual wielder.
    try use axe and dagger until lvl 50.
    already try and compare with any kind of weapon that can be held and the result is axe n dagger got much dmg ^^

  72. ask ko lng ano magandang build ng human? hehehe beginners lng me... ^^

  73. WTF? just stay cool...!!!

    The Best Stats for guardian is

    lvl 1-25 vit 3 dex 1

    lvl 26-50 full dex

    lvl 50-99 up 2 you guys

    Just Stay Cool, This is guardian dex

  74. p0tang ina nyo wala akong ma intindihan sa inyo anu ba talga ang build ng human guardian pano ka ma222 d2 eh magkakaiba ang sinasabe mga s2pid ....

  75. Let the dogs bark.
    IMHO this build is a fine one, as long as U refer it as a STUNNER GUARDIAN or DEF TYPE GUARDIAN.
    Stunner/def type need a shield.
    This type does well in both atk and def. Deal decent damage (STR>VIT), recieve not too much damage due to shield def/block/stun.
    Its HYBRID type. Not a hybrid that combining STR guardian + DEX guarian type, but a mix of Guardian + Defender instead.
    (but I will say NO to ATK TYPE DEFENDER lol)

  76. hey guys! i tried to make a human knight. my build was 3str, 1vit and it was so damn killer! i've reached level 30 just within 3days! i always kill monsters 8 levels ahead of me. i do not often use pots. hope this build will help other begginers like me.

  77. please stop arguing about these things. we all have our own preferences in making characters. so do not blame others or get angry with them if you don't like their builds. just mind your own...

  78. even i have more melee att, im lvl 51

  79. (//.^)


    better try this one in a private server so you can see what this build can do..



  80. WOW are u serious wtf kind of build is this... noobs , anyone who is looking for a human build dont look at this, the best well balanced build is 1vit 1dex 2str, the dex will give u decent crit damage + u wont miss -_-, get ur str buffs all the way up (5/7) and forget the one handed dmg buffs and the protect buff. cause.. uhm.. they JUST PLAIN SUCK so stick with this build (1vit,1dex,2str) and you do good in pve/pvp ~(ohn torian - lvl 50 dk Cayl / lvl 23 H - Santra)~

  81. -----------------------------------------------
    >2str 1vit 1dex
    >3str 2dex 1vit

    dis id it!!!

  82. mga gago ano kau,pakain sa agi dhan,3dex 1vit crit mo pag may order swing ka pa umaabot ng 6 k kati no!tapos crit dagger,walang makunat sa crit.kas magastos,pero sulit naman pinaghirapan nio mga tanga!



  84. guys dont ever follow the foreabove skills & build stats, ur char wil burn like hell, use ur instincs wats best for a human as if ur fighting for urlyf.

  85. panu ba tlga ang hina nmn ng str builkd wew

  86. I think his guide worked well for him if he took the time to make this guide..not everyone can be unselfish and not lazy to make a guide.. As if everyone could be able to make a guide..If this guide works for him..let it be..its his game guys..YOU have no effing right to tell him what he needs.:)..and Im betting most of you are newbies looking for a what's the point of looking for one if you're just gonna talk sh*t about it?THIS guy worked hard for this guide so quit the flaming..If you dont like the guide.then just say you dont like it..PERIOD.PERIOD..and some sane human said this guide was ok for this type of human..there are different types of human you think you would get those general builds if no one experimented? You know wont get anything if you just based on the general..You have to make your own unique one..Those general guides of yours were once hush up.:P

  87. wow am just happy 2!!!!

  88. to those who say gaurds dont use shields theres a special build of gaurdian that does use shields

  89. Personally, I would rather build something that normal player would never think of... In my case, I build STR-AGI Hybrid Guardian. At level 74, the stats were as follows:

    Bad ? I don't think so. This build can actually could stand its ground against lvl 85 Full STR Guardian, which has difficult time of scoring a hit on my character.
    Go on, Give it a go.

  90. I dont think this guide is bad after all. If you a pro you can carry an ordinary Shield for stunning since the guide uses the Charge skill. you can always change you Dual sword type to dagger shield or sword shiel so you can have multiple stun in one combo. At Double sword you can have OS+Rush+CS if the stun from rush ends you can change the dagger into shield to use Charge as your secondary stun. Its up to you on how you will execute your combo. This guide was not bad at all but I can say that it was not good either. Dex Stats would matter at all bcoz there are accessories that can boost your dex and DEX is the highest buffable Stat in the Game... I do have a Hybrid Guardian with a Blance melee and Crit + Def.. .

  91. fuck u guysssssss..... mind ur own build.