Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rohan Online Guide - Elf Class Guide - Templar Build

Elf Templar Class Build (Pure PvE/Pure PvP)

This is an awesome build for the Elf Templar, great at PvE and great at PvP. Templars are in a sense battle priests. They are extremely difficult to kill in PvP and PvE making it easy to solo and great in parties.

Stat Build: This builds points are mostly distributed in Psyche but has some points in intelligence too. The main reason I put points into intelligence is to get the most out of the Hammer based attacks and the DoT’s (Poison). This also leaves room to add skill points to some of the intelligence/psyche based healing and attack spells. I suggest if you get enough skill stones from cash shop or finding them from mobs you shoudl put them in Mental Barrier or Party Absorb HP, and Absorb HP.

PvE: You have access to Magic Barrier and MP barrier making you impenetrable and nearly impossible to kill. With these skills in your arsenal you will be able to take on multiple mobs at the same time and destroying then quickly without seeing your HP bar ever go down. Doing your quests and solo grinding is a breeze, your only problem is that you might get bored lol. This build allows you to be able to tank some smaller bosses and not feel much pain. However larger bosses that have alot of HP and do alot of damage it might not be a good idea to tank since you have very low hp. This build even allows you to act as a priest in a party if a pure priest cannot be found. Has good healing and good ressurection skills. Unfortunately you can do the killing in the party and need to focus on party survival unless you are great at doing some light killing and healing at the same time.

PvP: This build and the Templar are very good in PvP. They don’t have a huge amount of DPS but they can outlast most classes as they can absorb a ton of damage with MP Barrier and Magic Barrier and on top of that they can heal themselves making them immortal. You can severely weaken opponents using Dispel on them and deleting their buffs and you have the ability to cast Reflection which makes you immune to enemy harmful effects and casts them back at them. If you are low on mana or your absorbtion buffs are out you can use the Teleport spell to buy you some time for a recast of them.

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades: (Elf Healer Tree)

1. Heal-Level 5: Heals the target by 600% of Intelligence and 600% of Wisdom.
2. MP Recovery-Level 5: Increases the MP recovery speed of the target by 60% for 15 minutes.
3. Root-Level 1: For 4 seconds the target is unable to move.
4. Cure Confusion-Level 1: Cures the target of confusion.
5. Divine Aura-Level 1: Party only skill. When monsters become hostile, instantly resets the aggro value of the caster.
6. Cure Silence-Level 1: Cures target of Silence.
7. Magic Buff-Level 5: Increases the magical attack power of the target by 25% for 30 minutes.
8. Group Heal-Level 5: Heals the entire party by 700% of Wisdom and 200% of Intelligence.
9. Reveal Hidden-Level 1: Hidden players and monsters in a radius of 12 will be revealed for 30 seconds.
10. Magic Barrier-Level 5: Absorbs physical damage 12 times the caster’s Wisdom, lasts 60 seconds if not all damage is absorbed.
11. Teleport-Level 1: Instantly teleports 7 meters in the direction that the caster selects.
12. Resurrection-Level 1: Resurrects target of up to level 20 with 10% of HP.
13. Poison-Level 5: Deals 10 ticks of damage over time by 100% of Intelligence and 50% of Wisdom over 30 seconds.
14. Kill Time-Level 1: Causes the next skill cast to not have a recast time. Effective duration 15 minutes if unused.

The recommended spell upgrades: (Elf Templar Tree)

1. Wisdom Buff-Level 5: Increases the Wisdom of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.
2. Reincarnation-Level 5: Resurrects target of up to level 100 with 75% HP and MP. Restores 70% of the experience lost.
3. Intelligence Buff-Level 5: Increases the Intelligence of the target by 15% for 30 minutes.
4. Rebirth-Level 1: If the caster dies within 30 seconds of using this skill, experience loss will not apply.
5. Absorb HP-Level 1: 3% of physical damage dealt is converted into HP.
6. Dispel-Level 5: Randomly removes 5 buffs from an enemy or 5 debuffs from a friendly target.
7. Holy Hammer-Level 5: Increases 1-handed hammer damage by 12% and attack speed by 60% for 30 minutes.
8. Party Absorb HP-Level 1: 2% of physical damage dealt is converted into HP for the entire party.
9. Reflection-Level 5: Harmful skill effects and debuffs are reflected back to the caster for 50 seconds.
10. Holy Crash-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack skill with damage equal to 500% of Intelligence. Also stuns the target.
11. MP Barrier-Level 5: Each 10 HP damage taken is converted to 10 MP consumed.
12. Unravel-Level 1: Removes root status from the target.
13. Hammer Stun-Level 5: 1-handed hammer attack that damages 8 enemies in a radius of 14 meters and stuns for 6 seconds.
14. Final Crash-Level 5: Attack spell with damage equal to 800% of Wisdom.
15. AOE MP Drain-Level 5: Attack spell that damages the target and X enemies around it with 90% MP damage and does 14 times that amount as HP damage.
16. Cast Over-Level 1: The next skill used within 30 seconds can be cast instantly.



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  2. umm where are some places of suggestion to train for this build and whats the ordar should i max and put skills in?

  3. this is a dick head build...u die easy in tb

  4. aren't templars supposed to be int based?

  5. yup you will surely die, i think mental barrier gives the most protection than a magic barrier and most spl dmge is based on int lol
    int vit is the best build put some psyche for mana and magic resistance at first its hard to pve coz low def but in the end you will enjoy it ^^

    im not flaming ur post i just wnt to help
    dont forget to use hammer lol

  6. ty 4 this post it realy gave me a good idea 'bout templar build....c^^3

  7. try psche vit build 4 psche 1 vit you will enjoy using it but try to put some on int to be alble to damege big

  8. i read about a 3 int and 1 vit in a forum! it kinda works out! From lvl 1-50, i preparation for templar build!

  9. Is it alryt to put lv5 resurection. when ur gona be a templar?

  10. psy vit is d best stat here

  11. is it ok if I try distributing my stat points this way: for even no. 3 psyche 1 vit (lvl's 2,4,6,etc.) --- for odd no. 2 psyche 1 vit 1 int (lvl's 3,5,7,etc.) or would it be just a waste of time and stat points and should focus on two stats (like psyche vit) and put some points on the other stats later after reaching a specific lvl about 40's or 50's(like int)...

  12. int for damage psy for magic def and vit for physical def so for me the suitable distribution is 2 for int 1 for psy and 1 for vit

  13. In my honest OPINION, above guide is not a good build guide.

    for templars it is either you focus in psy or in int.

  14. I think full psy templars rules. If u have poison lvl 6 u will do tons of DoT. Magic Barrier has only 18 secs cooldown, so u can renew it has soon it falls down (and thats the most rarely happening with this build).
    Also, MP barrier makes u tanker (lvl 50 full psy has arround 6-7k MP).
    If u read skills in game, u will note that theres only 1 attack skill difference and several defense skills more.
    Dont forget u can also do as well as damage dealer or almost like priests in partys.
    Been in party with priest will blow up ur damage tnx to Group Mental Blow.
    The only disadvantage is if ur not good with fast battle magaging. By example, some ppl cant with "Mental barrier, Crono, Poison (target used pot), Divine Beam, Final Crash, Poison (pot in cooldown ;D),Stun, Mental Barrier..."

  15. That .... SUCKS ... WTF you even play rohan? how can you only build with int and phyche? 1 shot and its down ... no guys dont build like that ... thats a shit ... no realy plz no build like that and the spells are bad 2 LOL ... NOOBS

  16. haha.. wtf? int psy rules dumbass! u dont need hp when you have mana barrier.. LOL

  17. xxx what is that wrong skill wrong stat xxx I think u need to recycle that , Ur Resu is lv 1? thats max right? xxx

  18. >> Templar Build , int and vit . >> Priest Build , pure psyche or , psyche + vit . why ur stat is psyche if u are an templar ? lols... ^ yes i think he right ^.

  19. wtf .. vit and psyche but templar LOL , funny vits

  20. lol int vit templar would die fast and would run out of mana allot

  21. the worst build i ever saw! lol

  22. LOL wow, has even played a temp before?
    guess hes more like my bitch healer then a OP templar.

  23. I think my build is right for templar..
    - 3 int 1 vit
    but it's okay to psyche .. psyche shield
    i ask only is
    if i lvl 51?
    i go with 3 int 3 vit or 5 int 1 vit?? answer please..

  24. lolz

    psyche+vit = priest
    int+vit = templar

    plain and simple.

    you need vit in every class. there are skills that ignores defense.

  25. haha what kind of build is for..?are joking:D

  26. Wow... Sounds like crazy!! U say that mental barrie is Good one BUT u give "ZERO" on the screenshot! could U explain IT? or it's just kind of Joke?

  27. Dont believein this build

    the maker of this build is focus in magic based PVP
    how this build survive in mob packs and 1hit crit DHAN, 1 more thing u will really die if dark elf cancells your magic barrier

    Guys Do 3int 1vit for lvl 2-50
    4int 1psy 1vit in 51 and so on

    ACC+wepons must int and psy additions

    SET must use +mana or healt

    then Show them the True Meaning of FEAR

    when Hammers Crash from heaven to your enemies

    you will Excell 1v1 or Group PVP


    no Class and Builds are Perfect it has their own weakness

    but the build up there are really SUCK!

    any ggod build class can kill him easilly

  28. I believe that these build is very nice .....the magic barrier and also mana barrier can make the elf tougher...they lot of damage in pvp coz the skills is base in has high magic defence and it is difficult to kill by magic.....then it has mana barrier instead of hp the damage will goes to mana.........bigger psy much better..
    ^^ i understand ur build than others dont....

  29. for me this is great! but is it ok if i get skill of mental barrier? for defence? i am following your build? is it ok?

  30. this is the stupidest build i've ever come across .. u don't need MP recovery u just wsted 5 pts and ur VITALITY is very very low just one debuff on you and you'll surely die check this vid and you'll see how strong the templar here is :


  31. pinahihirapan nyo srili nyo pti english nyo mali templar pure int ung vit galing s acces. mo
    sa healer psyche vit lgi hays mga lalaki p amn kau ang eengot nyo buti p ako girl mas nkakaintindi...try to read the skills of templar to damge u nid int. in healer to hil and protect ---pscyhe---- dah!!!!

  32. this site is excellent and the guides are excellent throughout the network sought and none had information that this site has enabled me congratulate very good information is very varied and interesting is great.

  33. There are some intriguing about this build......somehow it contrast the skill build of the game itself

  34. nah.....puwede naman itong build na ito...., kaya lng kailangan mo ng tamang INT points for this to syempre ng mental barrier...a good PDEF points and Atk points will do this build plus the Magic Barrier and Mana shield...looks good (100 dmg = 6 mana loss for mana shield 6), mana recovery is a big thing also so you can regenerate mana for 8 sec (a big one).the problem was the Dark Elf....On Dhan (can dispel his buffs to weaken his dmg)and try to equip a mace that is int base plus option item that can convert your dmg to mana..... and that's it....instead of mind blast i'll go for net bind 3 kasi i'll paralyze you and your opponent giving your mana recovery to take effect(cool di ba??) need to sacrifice some to achieve this build... it's very tricky... (Rohan world wide gamer)..summarization of this build is like a hybrid battle priest..,if you don't know.....adik sa elf builds.....

  35. thanks for the tip Rohan Ph server player lvl 99 templar neo eden i also use 1vit per level with most stats in psy and only 150 int

    weapon +int +psy +DD option

    Acc Psy up...

    Armor Hp up...

    Nice build on post i've try the pure psy and i rarely last long in group hunts...

    anyways lvl 5 means lvl 7...


  36. vs avenger str
    first hit PP damage 0 + broken magic barier
    2nd hit DPP = death

  37. i dont ke ke ke ke ke ke care...

  38. No sustained buff turn off with debuffs,
    Dark wizz do not turn off MP Barrier, same as templar do not erase Envolve and Winged Foot anymore.

    "first hit PP damage 0 + broken magic barier (400 psy = 4800 damage?? maybe if i dont have good equips and shield)
    2nd hit DPP = MP Barrier (MP lvl 7 = 6 mp loss by 10 hit = -40% damage)"
    Maybe if templar stand by and go take a cofee you can kill him...

    1. Yeah, that's right try killing a PSY templar with 2k OR MORE psy WITH MAGIC BARRIER LVL 7 then with Mana Shield with 10-15k MANA, LOLS, they are only discouraging PSY templars so that they cannot be owned :))))

      Calculate 2200 PSY multiplied by 16 do you think that a critical of dhan can break it? and if PSY templars have decent and good gears i THINK NOT. maybe they would be the one killed before they do kill the PSY templar because of their low HP lols.

  39. I think i would go for pure PSY templar. i dont need HP when i have 10K or more mana just turn on the Mana shield and magic barrier will make me immortal if i have 2K or more PSY then i will spam DIVINE BEAM, FINAL ATTEMPT on anyone who dares to PK me.

  40. This is some of good templar build, but hard to play, with magic barier you have very nice def, but magic barier is sux so this build is bad, this build is better for priest with some changes ... dot't use it on templar !

  41. Have you tried a pure int templar?
    Maybe you should try that. ^^

    1. Yup i think a pure int templar is more scary. You can deal a 5k per hit using a mace. I've tried this one^^