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Rohan Online Guide - Guild Guide

I, Items needed .
II, The quests .
III, Tips .

I, Items needed : You should prepare these items first before you start the quests .
  1. 2 million Crones
  2. 5 Enchanted Skill Stones ( get those from bosses , the white ones , not yellow ones )
  3. 30 Sweetfishes ( you can only get those when you catch the fishes at the green bar , it DOES NOT matter what you use for baits )
II, The quests : Starts at Varrow Forest bindstone . You must be lvl 30+ in order to get the quests

Quest 1 : Kill 20 Orcs Warriors .

They are right outside the Varrow Forest bindstones

Quest 2 : Finding 3 tombstones .
  1. 1st Tombstone is at North of Birch Tower . Click here to view the pic .
  2. 2nd Tombstone is at the Temple of Silva . You will spot the tombstone on the left side of the big statue overthere , walk up the stairs and you will see it . ( G6 of Geizan map ) . Click here to view the pic .
  3. 3rd Tombstone is at Ehres Harbor ( Gathering Hall ) . Go South from Harbor , you will spot the wooden pier , the tomb is up there . ( C8 of Aevraunt ) .
  4. After you get the last tomb , it will give you a scroll , go back to Ehres Harbor to talk to the NPC which is called Zibrian to turn in the quest .
Quest 3 : Invest 4 caves .

After turning in the previous quest at Zibrian , he will give you the next task which is investing 4 caves ( Crystal Quarry , Akhma Cave , Lauke Monastery and Caronia's Tomb ) . You will have to find 4 chests which is located once in each cave . All the chests are located right near the entrance , shouldnt be hard to find them .
  1. Akhma Cave : When you enter Bloodsouls room , its right on the left
  2. Crystal Quarry : Go along from the entrance , its right near the FIRST 4-ways devived . ( Some ppl always open them cz they dont know its for quests so just stay there n wait for it to be respawned . Takes it about 10 secs to respawn )
  3. Lauke Monastery : When you go to Monastery , inside the house , there are 2 doors on each side and the front is leading to the garden with the boss over there . Take the door at the left hand side . After get in , go along the hall , at the FIRST 3-way split , take the right turn , go along to Mightsouls and Bloodsouls room , you will spot the chest over there .
  4. Caronia's Tomb : After you enter , pass those Eyes mobs , keep following the path untill you see the FIRST 3-ways split , go left ( the right hand is dead-end ) . Keep going and then take the left again at the next 3-ways split untill you reach the room with the big guys holding fire swords and some weird shape mobs . You will spot the chest on ur left hand side .
    Get back to Gathering Hall and turn in quest at Zibrian !
Quest 4 : Fishing .

After you finished the last quests , Zibrian will ask you to go meet Robert at Fishing Pool . Go there and talk to him . Robert will ask you to go get 30 SweetFish . After getting all 30 SweetFishes , go turn in quest at Robert . He will provide you the next task .

Quest 5 : Killing mobs .

This time , all you have to do is killing 20 Stone Golems and 20 Iron somethings within the time limit . Shouldnt be a problem with a party

Quest 6 : 5 Enchanted Skill Stones .

At this task , you need to get 5 Enchanted Skill Stones ( the 1 i mentioned above ) then hand them over for Margaret at Einhoren . She will ask you to deliver the breads for some NPCs inside Einhoren . Keep following the quest untill you are done . ( Just talking )

Quest 7 : Kill boss .

After finish the quest at Einhoren , Margaret will ask you to go meet Chaahti . Remember 1 thing that Chaahti IS NOT located in the map as a yellow dot or anything . So just go to J9 of the Liom map . Keep your eyes open and you will spot him on the hill . After talking to him , he will ask you to go kill the boss which is located at Spiritual Haven . The boss is huge , you wont miss him lol . After killing the boss , go back and talk to Chaahti .

Final step : After talking to Chaahti , go to town and talk to Guild Master . Click on "I want to form a Guild" . Type in the name you want . He will ask you for 2 million Crones . Click Yes to confirm . After paying the money , your guild will be formed . Congratulations !!!

III, Tips .

  1. At quest 2 , when you find the 2nd Tombstones , if you are a tanker , get some Healer with good Barrier , tell him to barrier you at the bridge , after that , just go kamikaze inside , get off mount and double click the tomb ( then get out if you can lol ) . If you are not , you have to fight your way thru . Its kinda tough since the mobs there are around lvl 40 i remembered . ( I kamikazed my way thru , died once lol )
  2. At quest 3 , for the 1st 3 caves Crystal Quarry , Akhma Cave and Lauke Monastery , just tell your ppl get there , at least 1 person each cave so they can summon you right to the chest . You will save your time travelling over the whole map . At the last cave Caronia's Tomb , better have a party and fight your way thru , the Eyes are range attack mobs , they are pretty annoying .
  3. Final quest , when you fight the big boss , just need a tanker and a healer with good barrier. Healer can spam barrier the tanker so he can taunt and tank the boss . As long as the boss agro the tanker only , party members wont get aoe from him . Also you should get a dmg dealer or someone else who can clear the trashes around for tanker and protect the healer . If the tanker lost the boss's agro , boss will aoe the whole team and obviously , healer will die .

Credits: HungVc from Rohan Online forum


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