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Rohan Online Guide - Leveling Guide - PvE Party


Rohan: Blood Feud is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). Because of the second word and the basic design features of such games at one point in time you will be faced with the opportunity (and necessity) to party with other people. This is a major change in playing style from the standard solo questing: you'll need to interact with people, you'll need to depend on them and you'll try to work and try to achieve a common goal (usually crone quest farming and Exping)

First of all you should know that a class might perform differently in a party then it does in solo work: be prepared for the change. The most common example is that of a Dekhan: when soloing you just push the 2 attack skills, with the occasional heal and health to mana and aren't worried by anything else, while in a party you need to be aware of your surroundings, be sure to use taunt on every cooldown and on mobs that target your more squishy team-mates; it indeed requires a little bit more effort.

Stuff to do before Starting to grind in a party
So you log into the game, go to party match, hit some buttons, get a random invite and you're good to go....right? No, not really. Here are a couple of tips on what to do before actually joining a party:

  1. When using the party match use the greeting to relay important information: Are you looking for XP or crone quests? Do you want to go to a particular place? Do you want to have teammates of a particular level? What build are you? (recruiting a full strength knight as a tank is bad) Try and give the potential recruiter as much info as you can in those few words you can type in there.
  2. When receiving an invite, have a short talk with your recruiter. Are you sure you're what he wants? Are you sure the party is what you want? How many times did you join a party and have everyone start asking: "where are we going?" "What are we killing?" and then proceeded arguing about what mobs to kill for the next half an hour.
  3. If you're not sure you have enough experience with the class you're playing, let your party know, even if it's not so comfortable for you to admit it. Like this you can avoid future conflicts like Dekhans not knowing how/when to use taunt, "templars" forgetting to heal, archers not pulling etc.. More often than not (in decent parties at least) you'll get people that help you and explain how you should do things; if they know you might be missing some "skills" when playing your character from the beginning they will cut you more slack when you make a mistake and give you some hints on how to avoid doing that mistake in the future.
  4. Before leaving for the grind spot make sure you're well stocked: HP/MP pots, elixirs, arrows, pet food, bags are empty etc. It's really annoying for party members when you just get to them and go "ups, brb forgot to buy arrows" for example. Respect your party members and be ready for action when you join the party.

Party Grinding Hints and Tips
  1. Designate a puller. Most of the time if you're not standing on top of a spawn, or are killing your spawn too fast, it productive to start attacking the mobs around you, but instead of the party moving as a whole to that monster, let one person attract its attention and bring it back to the party. An archer is best suited for this role because of the range, but any character can just "body pull" (move in range of the monster and it will start attacking you).
  2. As an extention of the above, watch your aggro. Except the designated puller no one else should be puling mobs. Of course it's harder to do when you're sitting on top of a spawn, but at least avoid pulling unexpected spawns around you.
  3. Let the tanks do their job. If you have a "defender spec" knight and a separation dekan, please let the knight tank; don't taunt over the poor knight's taunt, it only makes the healer's job harder. If you want to taunt something, taunt the secondary targets, or the mobs that are hitting your squishies
  4. Expanding on the above: If you can't take the heat stay out of the fire. If you have 100M.Def don't try to tank beholders, if you have 200 P.Def, don't try to tank Physical mobs, if you have no vit don't try to get the first hit/body pull something.
  5. You're in a party which usually means you have more than 1 damage dealer. As a party, select one person that targets the mobs (usually the tank or the puller) and have each and every one of the DPS use the Assist function. You can find that when you open the Expression menu (default "N"), and it's the 4th icon on the top row (it looks like and axe and a sword in an X position). What this does is make you target your target's target (yea, lots of "targets" in there, but read it slowly and you'll get what i mean) and helps your party focus fire which in turn lessens the damage your healers have to heal (a mob at 1% hits just as hard as a mob at 100%, so it's pretty bad to have 10 mobs at 10% than 3 mobs at 100%)
  6. Leave looting for after the combat. Whatever your role is, if there are mobs pounding on party members you shouldn't be looting. If you want to loot while fighting get a monkey.

A couple of tips and hints for individual classes

  • - Never forget you have taunt. You are one of the only two classes that can get mobs to hit you instead of someone else unconditionally. If you are low on vit (or none at all), inform the party of your inability to tank, but if you're at least 3/1 whatever/vit with up-to-date armor you should be able to tank for a little while. Work with your healer and see.
  • - Use AoEs to attract adds (the mobs around the main one), you can make it work like a low powered taunt.
  • - If you're not the main tank, always be on the lookout to get mobs off your fellow mages/healers/archers/dhans
  • - If you notice someone's health is plummeting fast, Heal your teammates!

  • - Don't attack first, ever. You are squishy.
  • - Don't pull without sprint on.
  • - Remember your archer buddy and share with him your Dex buff, he'll be grateful.
  • - Remember you have a couple of limited forms of Crowd Control (confusion, mana burn) use them if the situation gets too bad.

  • - Even if you're not a tank build, keep a shield handy, you can tank decently well even if you're not a 4 vit build
  • - Use bleed on other targets than the main one to keep some limited aggro on them.
  • - Always be aware of what's happening around you and taunt stuff of the weak characters.

  • - Remember you have forms of Crowd Control, use them if the situation gets too tough.
  • - If have another mage in the party, decide on which one keeps Dark eyes up, no use for both to suffer the mana cost.

  • - Never ever forget you are the puller.
  • - If you have the Evasion Buff, don't forget your fellow party members, it helps everyone.
  • - Use your limited forms of roots/snares to help manage a situation that gets out of hand.

White Mages
  • - If things go south you need to keep the tank alive. You can wand any mob to death if it's someone there to keep it off you.
  • - If you feel you have nothing to do (not much healing to do, all healing spells ar eon cooldown) help with a root or a nuke.
  • - Remember the buffs you have are not only for you. Recovery helps everyone in your party, Mages get a lot of mileage out of Int Blow.
  • - Magic Barrier is not for yourself only.

And before I end, one last thing. Be a team player, there is no "me" in "team", nor in "party". If you can buy another few seconds for the healers to catch up with the healing, at the cost of your death, do it. More often than not one person dieing is better than the whole party wiping.

Credits: Dalakor from Rohan Online Forum


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